1. Confirm your project is appropriate for a grant from the Watertown Cultural Council (WCC).  The WCC funds projects that support programs in the Arts, Humanities and Interpretive Sciences. Awards are made based on the following: benefit to the Watertown community, clarity and completeness of the proposal, feasibility of the project, quality of the support materials, and additional funding sources beyond those requested of the WCC. Please review MCC guidelines and criteria as well as any WCC criteria.

2. Submit an application. Applications are now done entirely online.  The process can be accessed from here

3. Deadline.  The deadline for applications is October 16, 2017.


4. WCC Council members review applications.

5. Applicants may optionally address the council in-person. At a date in early November (check calendar) applicants may attend an open meeting at the Town Hall. Applicants who choose to attend will have an opportunity to provide further clarification regarding their proposals as necessary.

6. Council makes its decisions. Rejection notices are sent at the end of November.

7. Applicants may appeal rejection. Should an applicant feel that their application was unfairly rejected according to WCC and/or MCC guidelines, the applicant may appeal the rejection. Appeals must be received by WCC no later than the date listed in the rejection letter.

8. Appeals, if any, are heard. Appeals are heard in-person at a special meeting to be scheduled if necessary in the Town Hall. Appeals must be considered and resolved by the end of December.

9. Acceptance letters are sent. Acceptance letters are sent mid-January.

ExecutioN and Reimbursement

10. Grantees execute the project as specified in their application.

11. Grantees submit Final Report and Reimbursement Forms. (available below)

12. Grantees receive payment.